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Chinese Community Learning Center(大学城华人社区学习中心, 简称 CCLC)创建于2012年5月,由三位关心中文教育的博士妈妈组建,Director 毕业于教育学院。教师均来自美国大学教育学院,具有丰富的教学经验。




CCLC成立以来, 每年成功举办暑期夏令营,并得到了家长们的一致好评。另外CCLC每学期提供中文课后班(Mandarin Immersion After-School Program),为儿童营造一个天天学习中文的环境,以期能够熟练自如地应用中文。

About Us


CCLC was founded in May 2012 by three parents with PhD degrees who sought an optimal educational alternative for teaching Chinese. All faculty members are seasoned teachers holding at least bachelor degrees on education.

CCLC offers after-school Chinese classes. There is a good selection of cultural enrichment classes like drawing, Chinese folk dance. Fun-filled summer camps are also held every year.


Our Belief


Whole child initiatives: We strive to develop mind, body and spirit. We enhance motivation and creativity through games, bible story-telling, dramas, songs, and cultural activities.

Language immersion curriculum: We believe that through early and sustained immersion in Chinese language with culture integrated throughout, students will achieve attainment in dual languages and develop cultural sensitivity.

Inquiry-based learning: We seek to foster deep cultural understanding through hands-on, minds-on inquiries. We encourage students to discover and explore Chinese language and culture through a wide array of activities like presentations, projects, role-plays, cultural festivals.




4501-09 Walnut St.

Philadelphia, PA, 19139



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Our Mission


The mission of CCLC is to advocate Chinese values and heritage, enhance cultural exchanges among the Chinese-American community, and contribute to mutual understanding and appreciation of Chinese and other cultures. It offers a full range of language classes (Mandarin) as well as a good selection of cultural enrichment programs.

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